Your home is probably the most expensive thing you own. Here is some advice to help you sell your home for more money. Give it a fresh clean look! It sometimes amazes me when I look at the photos of listed properties on Realty websites, that some people just leave clutter on the floor and all over the room. Here are some basic things you can do that will help get you the top curb appeal no matter how old your home is.
1. Do a through cleaning. Vacuum and make it smell great. Take out any
garbage. A big turnoff is someone walking in and it looks dirty and smells.
Make sure before you take pictures and do any property showings all dishes
are done, bed is made and make sure cupboards are not full of an abundance of items. Bulky items are put into storage. Please de-clutter your home.
If you need help, hire a maid to help you clean and organize.
2. Organize your rooms. Pick up the toys. Hide paper work in bins. Bins
are great way to keep the place look cleaned and picked up.
Anytime you have a showing you can throw anything you need to hide in
these. It will always give you a clean and organized look.
3. Pack up any pictures you have around. A potential buyer should be thinking
about their family, not yours.
4. Take off any magnets off of the refrigerator. You should go for a clean look.
Make sure your refrigerator, stove and any other appliances are shiny and clean
inside and out.
5. Don’t take all of the furniture out. Make it looked staged. If the furniture is old and torn, buy some new or rent some. If you need ideas,
a great website to look at is for idea’s or hire a home staging company
Looks matter.
6. Hire a great real estate office that has a good reputation like Park Lakes
and Land Realty in Amery, Wisconsin. Google them and you can read their reviews.
8. Make sure the lawn is trimmed and landscaping looks nice. Curb appeal is
huge for getting someone to look further on what’s on the inside.
9. Make that fireplace glow. Scrub away soot stains and replace the old screen.
10. Make sure you have plenty of light. Add the highest watt bulbs you can.
11. Make any small repairs. Broken Windows and doors, smelly carpets, ect.. anything that you know will be required of you, do it before it goes on the market.
12. Do a good comparison of what’s on the market. You don’t want it to sit on
the market for a long time and risk getting less money for pricing it too high. A good realtor will help you with this. They have a lot of experience and good negotiation skills. If you need help with any ideas, call the team at Park Lakes and Land Realty in Amery, Wisconsin.