Are you tired of big city life? Is traffic becoming way to much? Do you want a safe school district? Check out Polk County Wisconsin. Here is my reason why to buy a home in Polk County Wisconsin. The median cost of a home is around $161,000. It is a great place to bring your family. Polk County has an extremely low crime rate, many jobs are available and extremely friendly people. The scenic view is breathtaking. While white birch, oak trees, and rolling hills make for a stunning backdrop. There are a total of 437 lakes, rivers and ponds totaling over 22,600 acres including ninety miles of trout streams. If you love water sports, fishing, boating and biking this is the place for you. Wisconsin prides itself on miles upon miles of trails for hiking and driving your atv. For winter fun there is snowmobiling, skiing, and ice fishing.
There are many places for camping, hunting and birdwatching. You will love it here. There are animals everywhere to see while you enjoy the great outdoors.
I thought before I moved to Wisconsin that it was always cold but this is not true. Don’t get me wrong, it can get cold in winter, but it will warm up! If you like weather changes Wisconsin is the place to be.

One thing that surprised me was ice fishing. A family member brought his tent and a heater for inside the tent. I drove my truck on the lake of ice on Lake Magnor. My brother in law then baited my fishing pole and handed me a drink. I got so warm from the heat in the tent that I fished all day through ice with just minimal clothing. I did catch a few sunfish. It was just so fun and something I thought I would never do. The fish are in abundance depending on which lake you choose to fish on as there are many.
Everywhere are herds of deer. I just moved here from the east coast and I love it here. If you are looking for a stress free environment and a great place to raise a family I highly recommend Polk county. Park Lakes and Land Realty is ready to help your family to get the property of your dreams. We Are located a little over an hour out of the cities. I am a realtor and would love to help with any of your property needs. Thank you for reading my blog. Kathy- Park Lakes and Land Realty. Click below to find property of your dreams.
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